Ralin Chimev

Ralin Chimev


  • To Inherit, or to Compose, That is the Question

    In my early years as a software developer the moment I have learned something new I was eager to use it all around my projects. Right about that time the concept of inheritance hit me stronger than before and I was like “That’s cool! Let’s use it everywhere :tada:”.

  • OOP Anti-Patterns: Utility or Helper Classes

    I can bet a good amount of money that at least once every week you have to write this tiny little method that is used across several classes but does not fit either one of them. The head first thought is to put that code into that big junky Utils class like a homeless child.

  • Don't Comment Bad Code - Rewrite It

    Many teachings preach that it is a good practice to comment your code so that your fellow programmers will know what the heck that code does or why it was written in such a way. There are many reasons why developers write code comments. A few of them sound legit. But most of them don’t.

  • Ruby on Rails: Clean and Thin Controllers

    There are many articles, blogs, guides, books, poems and urban legends on how to keep your Rails controllers clean and simple. At job interviews that very question is being asked almost every time. Because of all that fuss around thin controllers even junior programmers without much of a practical Rails experience know THE answer.

  • JavaScript Promises: Avoid the Callback Hell

    I often feel some bad air surrounding JavaScript promises. Many fail to truly understand them and avoid the topic. Some truly understand them but cannot explain them and avoid the topic. Others truly understand them and can explain them but have doubts when to use them and when not to.