Ralin Chimev

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I am a software developer crafting web applications and services for fun and profit. I have been building software since 1999. As of late I use mostly Ruby and JavaScript to build stuff. But I am open to any technology that is proved suitable for the particular business case. I believe using open source technologies is the right way to build world-class applications. I am obsessed with writing simple code that is easy to read and understand. I have little tolerance for complexity and nonsense. I do not always succeed in crafting clean code but I have never stopped trying and improving.


I am a polyglot coder familiar with the entire stack. My career started by mostly working in C++, then switched to C# and then to Java. Still I prefer dynamic languages and today I spend most of my time using Ruby, Python and JavaScript. I love crafting solid web applications and services. I am passionate about clean and simple designs that are intuitive to work with and make everyone's life easier.


My blog elaborates on technical approaches that are proven to work for large teams and complex projects. You may get away with any approach when working alone on a small application but when projects and teams get bigger things get messy quite quickly. The reader can sense opinionated positions on controversial topics. They simply show the path I have chosen to follow.

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